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Welcome to the Maui Wowi Hawaiian Online Shopping Site where you can buy our premium Hawaiian coffees and have them sent directly to your house, or purchase coffee for friends and family as gifts. Now you can bring the taste of the islands to your doorstep with the click of a mouse. Get started and place your order of paradise today!

No time to take a vacation? Then gift yourself, friends or family a vacation in a cup!

Jeff and Jill SummerhaysOur Prized Hawaiian Coffees 
Some of the world's most sought-after coffee is grown and harvested on the islands of Hawaii. Maui Wowi Hawaiian coffee lines consist of gourmet blends from the Hawaiian regions of Kona, Molokai and Kauai. Our specialty Hawaiian coffee beans are carefully handpicked from selected coffee plantations and family-owned farms that best represent the rugged and bold attributes, as well as the sheer beauty and elegance of Hawaii. These fine coffees are blended and roasted to perfection by our partnering roaster Coda Coffee. 

“For our own integrity, we needed all the ingredients to be as wholesome as possible.  There were lots of cheap compromises we could have made, but we knew we would never be able to stand behind anything less than our best efforts!” 

~ Jill Summerhays
Founder, Maui Wowi Hawaiian

Hawaiian CoffeeQuality Farm to Cup
Offering quality coffee is an ever evolving process and it is paramount with never becoming complacent. It begins at the farm where Coda works with farmers to create and maintain a high standard of excellence and quality control through all phases of coffee production.

"We work hand-in-hand to build a relationship with the farmers and create accountability for the coffee grown. By working face to face with coffee growers, a synergy is created, and high expectations are met. Combining the raw elegance of the Hawaiian bean with our dedication to quality, perfection, and mastery of roasting creates, is what brings Maui Wowi customers back time and time again!"  

~Tommy Thwaites
Owner, Coda Coffee

We love to talk!
We're not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Contact Us 1-877-849-6992.

Mahalo for shopping with us! 
Maui Wowi Hawaiian
[email protected]
9311 East Via de Ventura

Scottsdale, AZ 85258